Lighting for Phoenix Orphanage

Each contribution is a light to brighten the future of orphans living in Phoenix orphanage.

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Les Enfants du Dragon

Les Enfants du Dragon

Marc De Muynck

Marc De Muynck

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Phoenix orphanage

The Phoenix orphanage is supervised by The NGO Les Enfants du Dragon. It welcomes young orphans, and provides them multi-functional amenities, respecting the international standards. 

Currently, more than 10 infants are under the good care of the nurses and the volunteers of Les Enfants du Dragon. A new building is under construction in order to enable the orphanage to welcome up to 100 children. 

As you might know, orphans living in the typical orphanage are more prone to behavioral and emotional problems than others, as they are deprived of a family’s love and care. Thus, the NGO is committed to prevent these issues and aim at offering the best living conditions for them. 

In this regard, Les Enfants du Dragon wishes to implement a lighting system, centered towards the children’s well-being in the nursery of the new building. Therefore, the NGO is looking for sponsors in order to enable the implementation. The cost of the lighting equipment is 1000 euro. 

Babies are more sensitive to lighting

Young children are particularly sensitive to their environment. Lighting environment is essentially important as it can have a strong impact on their development and health.

It has been proven that poor lighting conditions can lead to sleep problems, depression, eye irritation, and a weak immune system to the babies. Moreover, blue-light over-exposure can also damage their vision. 

That is why the NGO wishes to offer the best lighting environment possible to the children. The light offers the children the benefits of good lighting conditions, which has been decided to be Human Centric Light (HCL), and will be installed at the new nursery.

What a good lighting could bring:

By applying an appropriate lighting system, it could improve the emotion, well-being, comfort, health and even productivity of the children. In particularly, it could: 

  • Respect of the biological rhythm
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Decrease blue light exposure
  • Eye sensitive protection 
  •  Enhance the wellbeing and development 

Partnership with kobi lighting studio

Last year, Les enfants du Dragon trusted Kobi Lighting Studio with the implementation of HCL lighting for the first building’s bedroom.

Kobi lighting studio is a French lighting design agency, dedicated to providing lighting for people health and wellness.  

In adequation with its creed, Kobi had designed and sponsored an HCL lighting solution. This first project enabled 10 children to benefit from a lighting oriented toward their wellbeing.

Following this first project and with the orphanage extension, Kobi has volunteered to design the lighting for the new nursery, which will enable the incoming infants to benefit from Human Centric Light effects. 

Why is this lighting solution chosen for the children ?

  • The system is AUTOMATIC and RELIABLE, creating a facile configuration and usage.
  • Bring the BEST lighting quality to the babies & children's WELLBEING.
  • No over-brightness, no flickering, blue-lighting control.
  • Be able to manage the impacts of natural light and artificial light, ensuring the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM of the babies, children and nurses operates smoothly. 
  • Protect properly their fragile VISION and enhance significantly their daily DEVELOPMENT, that a normal and stereotyped lighting system could not do. 

Phoenix orphanage is looking for the sponsors to help with the lighting implementation of this project. The orphanage would need around 1000 euro to put this solution in place.

This project will better orphan’s living conditions, improve their health and benefit them for many further years. 

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Thank you for your support!