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Ky Thuat Wakeitup

Ky Thuat Wakeitup

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Chúng tôi là ai?

#SaveSonTra is a group of students, scientists, professionals, business-people, and concerned citizens actively committed to preserving the Son Tra nature reserve andDa Nang as a “Green” sustainable city.

Chúng tôi làm gì?

In February 2017, the prime minister of Vietnam issued a master plan for Son Tra Development. According to the plan, about 1,293 hectares of this 4,439 hectare “jewel” of biodiversity will be clear-cut of forest and given to developers and investors. This plan allows 32building developments including about 1,600 villas and hotel rooms to be built within what is now reserve by 2020.  According to local experts, 3 main habitat areas for the red-shanked douc langur will be destroyed by this plan. The survival of red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra Reserve is unlikely if this master plan is followed. More immediately for every man, woman and child living in the City of Da Nang – this “development” plan will rip a hole in one of the most important “green-lung” that provides clean air for this city. Furthermore, it will critically damage a watershed recharge area, a weather barrier and an invaluable tourist attraction. All of these economic/ecological resources losses threaten the long-term sustainability of the city – this is not a “development plan” – it is a “discount sale” of extremely valuable community resources to outside rich corporations.

Locally owned businesses that have poured time and care into building Da Nang’s reputation as a “Green-city” oppose this plan because it will decrease the value of existing investments. This plan is a cynical money grab from outside interests that will hurt the people of Da Nang. If we cannot stand up for this rare “Jewel” by opposing this misguided plan, then the sustainability of all of Vietnam is for sale to the highest bidder.

Bạn có thể giúp đỡ chúng tôi như thế nào?

  1. Donate to the RSD fund
  • Your support will help us continue to research ways to protect Son Tra and the biodiversity it represents. Our ultimate goal is to create the South East Asian Research Center and Habitat for Endangered Species (S.E.A.R.C.H.E.S.) on Son Tra to serve as a rallying point for the protection and conservation of endangered species of Son Tra, Central Vietnam and all over South East Asia. This is a big goal and we will need your continued support – but the situation here and all over this region is NOW OR NEVER.
  1. You can choose to Adopt a Red-Shanked Douc (RSD)
    1. Be a one-time sponsor – “adopt” a single RSD
  • For $5 – you get a photo of an RSD and a certificate of adoption
    1. Be a one-year sponsor – “support” a single RSD for a year
  • For $20 – you get a photo, a description of your RSD, a certificate of adoption and a stuffed toy RSD as a “thank you”
    1. Decide to be a one-time sponsor of a “Douc Family”
  • For $25 – you get a picture of your RSD family with information about how the RSD family lives in Son Tra, a description of the family members, and a “certificate of adoption”
    1. Become a RSD one-year family sponsor
  • For $35 – you get a picture of your RSD family with information about how the RSD family lives in Son Tra, a description of the family members, a “certificate of adoption” and get a family of 3 RSD stuffed toys – Mom, Dad and child.