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Hết hạn vào 15/09/2020
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Home, such a simple, yet complex word; It can be presumed as just a place to sleep, for people like us, that is. Many other human beings are living a life without such comfort, but we always take a blind eye towards it, intentionally-I am no exception-. But as time passed by, I began to notice this; And sympathize with those people, how we are all the same, but live such different lives just because of this merciless chance game called: fate. Furthermore, I am even more upset with myself for not noticing sooner, and have always wanted a chance to help; always dreamt, plan, fantasize but never realize that I am just wasting my time, living in some fairy tales. But now I have an opportunity, here at IvyPrep.

We at IvyPrep have started a cooperation with Habitat for Humanity an organization that aims to help with poverty house problems. And we are launching a campaign with various steps, towards helping unlucky people in Đồng Tháp. Although this is our campaign we are also in need of you readers, to support us on our lack of funding for the operation. 

For people who want to help but are in a condition where they cannot support with funding, you can still spread out the word to people around you.

Thank you for reading this, we hope you have a wonderful day. And remember, every little bit counts. 

(for more information you can locate it on the HH website: )